Tuscany Countryside, Sunset


Before you read the info on how I work, you need to know these details about me:

I love Tuscany, my homeland, I could not live away from it, I could not breathe!
I love cooking, although the results are not necessarily always worth eating.
I am a foodie, I love Italian and international food.
I love my tiny home, it’s my own royal palace!
I love dogs, often significantly more brilliant than some people I know.
I love traveling the world, in the past I was a keen traveler, so I hope to find more time to start exploring again.

How I started

1992 was a crucial year for me. I have always loved cars and fast car races, so I decided to buy my first reflex camera, combining my biggest passion with another great one, photography. At first, capturing Formula 1 shots and races in general was just a hobby, the safety valve in my quiet, ordinary life as a computer programmer.

It was only a few years later, after a traumatic event, that I appreciated how deeply photography was rooted in me, and how greatly it would enrich the overly quiet life I knew I needed to change. You guessed it; I did not become a sports photographer, but unquestionably a professional photographer. Today, thanks to my passion for fast cars and motorbikes, I am a wedding photographer who has not forgotten his first love: I am still keen on races!

Life-changing events and people

They say you will never know which event will change your life, and that sometimes, what looks like a catastrophe turns into the best stroke of luck. I can confirm this, it happened to me. In 2007, due to my excessive enthusiasm for races, I incurred in a serious motorbike accident. The five months I spent in a hospital room gave me the opportunity to reflect and take stock of my life, discovering I was heavily in debt, albeit not financially. During my rehab, I met a person who had just started collaborating with a local photographer, namely Daniele Vertelli. Together we opened a photo studio that was active for a few years. The studio closed in 2011, and Daniele and I have pursued independend careers.

When I first used a camera, several years ago, I would never have imagined I could become a wedding photographer. I opened my first studio in Montevarchi, near Florence, experimenting in different styles and adapting to the needs of the local clientele. Little by little, I realized what I was looking for in my photos was emotion, which still life or classical studio photography could not offer. Real people, their expressions, their emotions, this is what we wanted to capture. Choosing wedding photography was a natural consequence, as it offers the unique opportunity to capture human emotions in all their shades.

Capturing emotions

I believe it is in the nature of humankind to be attracted, and sometimes, upset, by what is different from us, as in a way it represents our opposite, our contrasting personality. I never found it easy to show my emotions and my sensitivity, to express my real self and let go completely, displaying my vulnerability. I guess this is why what attracts me most in weddings: the ability to capture the emotions expressed without filters, with no fear of showing what you really are and what you are feeling. A smile, a hearty laugh, tears you’d like to hide, an emotional hug, these intimate moments fascinate and seduce me, and this is what I base my photography on. Static poses created with affected emotions are not my cup of tea; I want true spontaneity

Reaching higher than we ever thought

I never would have thought I could reach the professional rewards received these last few years. Yes, I had some dreams, but I thought that making them come true in such short time was utopian. I was awarded renowned prizes, and was listed among the top world wedding photographers. Prestigious magazines have published articles on my work and my style, the same unattainable reviews I used to read 20 years ago as an amateur. I have received requests to teach at important European photography schools (Madrid’s EFTI, to name one that has stayed in my heart) teaching international photographers and students coming from all over the world. And lately, to my great satisfaction, I have been appointed as judge in one of the most renowned international contests of wedding photography. A dream come true, there is no better term to describe my work today.


2012 – Wedding of the year, ANFM (Italy)
2013 – Photographer of the year, ANFM (Italy)
2013 – Among the 20 best world photographers according to the Fearless Association (USA)
2014 – Among the 10 best world photographers according to ISPWP (USA), ranking three top positions in the ISPWP contests
2014 – Second world photographer according to WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association- USA)
2014- Second world photographer for the My Wed Contest (Russia), among 7000 photographers from all over the world.
2015 – Currently among the 20 best world photographers according to Fearless.
2015 – Photographer of the year, ANFM (Italy)
2016 – Among the 10 best world photographers according to ISPWP (USA)
2019 – Among the 20 best world photographers according to ISPWP (USA)