I’ve loved Christophe Viseux’s art for many years, he was one of the first photographers whose work I’ve followed since I started my career as a wedding photographer. I still remember the awesome photo he took of a bride and her machine-gun armed bodyguard; these are the kinds of images that burn your retina and make you realize how much more he is than a simple wedding photographer. I had the pleasure of meeting him in person at an event in Sicily in 2017 with his fiancé Corrie. On that occasion, I sensed the strong connection we shared. Christophe and Corrie are two beautiful people, inside and out, so I could not believe it when I received a message from them a few months later, asking me to photograph their wedding in Canada. I pondered the possibility for maybe 10 seconds and accepted immediately. They were giving me the amazing opportunity and privilege to shoot their wedding in that wonderful country. I must thank my friend of many years, Daniele Vertelli, for accepting enthusiastically when I suggested joining me. With his wonderful shots, he has contributed in creating this keepsake for Christophe and Corrie. I also wish to thank Christophe and Corrie for their lovely feedback:

During the last 10 years photographing weddings, there was a question that consistently came up in casual conversations with couples during their wedding preparation; “When you get married, who is going to photograph your wedding?” I often replied jokingly that it would probably be a very tough choice knowing so many talented photographers out there. Last year, when Corrie and I started planning our wedding, that very same question was brought to reality. Ironically, this was actually the easiest and most obvious choice for us! As soon as Corrie and I had decided on our wedding date, we secured our photographer before the venue itself, and this was Andrea. I have followed Andrea’s work for many many years and something in his work always resonated in me. I could try to define Andrea’s photography as sensitive, intimate, quiet, subtile, powerful, honest, touching, personal, thoughtful, and the list goes on. His black and white photos are timeless and without artefacts. His documentary approach and his focus on real-moments represents to me the essence of wedding photography. And most importantly, when we finally met in “real life” about a year and half ago in Sicily, I discovered an even more amazing person. Andrea loves life and people. He is compassionate, altruistic, and full of empathy; this shines through in his work. It was a pleasure and a true honour to have him covering our wedding. Thank you my friend. Corrie and I are forever grateful. Additionally, I also wanted to thank Andrea for bringing Daniele Vertelli to Canada with him. Daniele is also an extraordinary photographer with countless awards. His work is creative and authentic. We felt incredibly privileged to have two of the most talented Italian photographers with us on our wedding day. There was no better choice for us and we couldn’t imagine our wedding day without them. A true dream team!

Canada is a huge, wonderful country, and despite the fact that we only saw a tiny part of it, I had to begin this story with a few shots picturing where we were. A natural oasis blooming with all the colors and features this amazing country offers.

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Corrie started getting ready in the suite of the Grand Hotel in Carleton with her family and a few friends. The atmosphere was bursting with emotion and enthusiasm, and it was lucky to be there and to be able to tell this very intimate moment in their big day. In the meantime, Christophe was getting ready with his friends at the Stonefield estate where the wedding would take place. As Italian, or rather, Tuscan photographers, we were pleasantly surprised at the completely different background and architecture of the wedding venue. The party continued until late with their closest friends coming from Canada, France and Dubai.

First Photographer,    Andrea Corsi
second Photographer,    Daniele Vertelli
Decor & Flowers:
Leather Jacket:
DJ/ Photo Booth
Bridal Makeup + Hair – The Bride! 🙂
Groom Suit – Shoes, tie:





Corrie and Christophe shared the day before the wedding with the most important people in their lives, so they decided to highlight the couple’s portraits in a place that would recall the beauty of Ontario.  These photos testify the love and involvement they share. I sincerely wish to thank Corrie and Christophe for giving me the privilege to share these moments. We want to see you soon, this time in Italy!




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