Location Ceremony and reception: Castello di Gabbiano, Mercatale Val di Pesa, Florence.

Wedding Planner: Serena Ricci , tuscantoursandweddings

A very special thanks to my friend and colleague Donatella Monsi

and, of course,  thanks to Donna and Scott,  for his  point of view over my photographic work:

“Choosing Andrea as our photographer was the easiest decision we had to make during the planning of our wedding. We had examined other photographers work but nothing was appealing to us. The moment we opened Andrea’s webpage, we knew we had found “The One”. Andrea’s ability to capture raw moments of joy, laughter, tears, excitement and nervousness was so moving that I was willing to change our Wedding Day just to have this brilliant man be part of our lifetime of memories. You can imagine our excitement when we received confirmation of Andrea’s availability for our special day. No matter what happened on the day, we were confident the moments would be not be missed. Words cannot express how happy we are with Andrea’s unquestionable BRILLIANT work. I was so overwhelmed the day we received the photos. Tears of joy streamed down my face as so many memories of love and laughter filled my heart. To see the emotions that Andrea captured and froze in time can only be described as, perfectly beautiful. It was an absolute honour to see the world through Andrea’a eyes. Scott and I are eternally grateful for his ability to capture the warmth, happiness and beauty in all things. These pieces of art, are reflections of beautiful memories that will be treasured for the rest of our life”



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