Location reception and Ceremony: Castello di Vincigliata, Fiesole , Florence.

Photographers : Andrea Corsi , Daniele Vertelli

Wedding Planner : Sonja, Tuscania Events

Thanks to Maya and Daniel, for his point of view over my photographic work:

“Andrea has a gift for capturing emotions and in unique frames that no other photographers do. Months after our wedding, and still our guests rave to us about how amazing our photographer was. Amongst all of our recently married friends, everyone has commented on how we were truly blessed to have such a phenomenal wedding photographer. Looking through our photos is like reliving the day. Andrea’s photojournalistic style made it so each photo brings to life a memory — so much more than a staged photo ever could. His photos aren’t of people posed, looking at the camera and forcing a smile through the flash. Instead, they are snapshots of people laughing, caught in the middle of tears, or joking with each other at our wedding. There’s a certain quality of his photos that takes you back in time and makes you feel like you are living the day all over again, with the jokes, the tears, and the love all around you. Not only are his photographs stunning, but he’s also such a wonderful, cheerful, and charming man to have around you on your wedding day. He immediately makes you feel at ease and comfortable, so that you’re able to feel and look your best in his photographs. Thank you, Andrea, for capturing our special day and helping us relive it through your photos”

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