I was deeply thrilled to learn that I was awarded the title of best Italian photographer of the year 2015 by the ANFM (National Association Wedding Photographers) for the second time. When it first happened in 2013 I was overjoyed, but being awarded again, despite the high quality that Italy is experiencing in our sector, fills me with utter joy and confirms that the passion I put in what I do, every day, is rewarding. I must congratulate all my colleagues at ANMF because they took the challenge, bravely participating in this hard contest. I wish to thank the association for giving me so much through the years, both in terms of personal growth and professional success. I wish to acknowledge all my friends, the real friends, and the colleagues I worked with in the past season, who have unquestionably helped me reach such a sought-after award. I couldn’t have done it without them. And I wish to thank my couples, because it is only thanks to the trust they place in me that I am here today, doing what I love most. To be honest, nowadays Italy offers incredibly talented photographers that would have deserved this award as much as me, if not more. Just like life, contests often hide pleasant surprises or bitter disappointments. We must be aware that sometimes we are lucky, and sometimes we are not; but we must believe in it and never give up, and most of all, we must never think we are the best, because no one is the best in our sector. We are all professional working hard to make a living, doing something we love and that sometimes rewards us in ways that go well beyond the mere financial remuneration. We are well mindful that awards, prizes and the little celebrity our job sometimes gives us, last like the blink of an eye, and that tomorrow again will be a day dedicated to photographing our couples; but today, yes, today, let me enjoy this award that is so significant for me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Below, the photographs that made the ANFM association award me with the title of Photographer of the Year.

I wish to thank all the judges for their hard work:

Sam Sciarrino, Francesco Cito , Jakob Grankvist (Nordica), Marco Schwarz , Andrea Sudati , Ray Anthony Iavasile , Irina Groza , Pedro Cabrera , Nancy Fina ,Look Fotografìa (Vinny Labella e Nacho Mora), John Nassari , Rocco Ancora, Dennis Berti, David Beckstead, Paolo Ranzani.

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