One of the aspects I most love about my job is the connection that people can create. Special connections that sometimes go well beyond the simple relationship between clients and professionals. It was exactly like that with Irene and Lorenzo, two amazing souls that stand out and shine, and I was happy and honored to be their photographer.Below, a few words they shared.

How can we describe our day? We thought long and hard about it and we believe we can summarize with two excerpts from our speeches. Actually, love is better when shared.

Irene: “Should someone ask me what love is, I would say it’s having limitations but overcoming them. Love is forgetting what you can’t do and do it all the same. Love is being afraid still knowing we can overcome our fears together, because we are together.”
Lorenzo: “Kintsugi” is the Japanese art of repairing broken vases with gold; thanks to the determination and the care of someone who is able to look beyond, they become precious. I see this art in our beautiful love story; after all, we chose one another because we were attracted by the hard marks that life has left on us. Our balance may be delicate at times, but this is exactly what makes it more beautiful, because we are not perfect, but are perfect together.

And thank you to the vendors:

Venue: Borgo di Vezzano ( @Borgodivezzano)

Hair Stylist  Querzola Parrucchieri (@querzola)


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